My pregnancy experience in this time of the pandemic

The day I found out that I am pregnant was March 27, 2020. That day I planned to go to the market to restock on our essentials and volunteered in our household that I will be the only one going in and out of the house for errands during the enhanced community quarantine, since I got my quarantine pass and also everyone agreed that I will be the errand girl because I am a nurse and more skilled to prevent the spread of the virus from the transmission to family members.

That morning I wasn’t feeling well, I feel like vomiting, has cold sweat and a little bit dizzy but I suck it in since everyone is relying on me. I tie my hair up like in a bun styled way, wear my mask, eyeglasses, dry-fit long sleeves and leggings, went to the market. After I bought everything on the list, I went straight to the drugstore and buy 3 packs of the pregnancy test. When I got back home I put all the veggies and other food essentials to an assigned table (for newly bought essentials to disinfect first before bringing it inside the house) at the dirty kitchen outside then wash hands before touching the entrance door, Went to take a bath right away and put on the pregnancy test and the result was obviously positive. I announced it at home right away with my super thrilled tone and everyone was super happy especially my Son with a big smile on his face and he said to me: “I am going to be a Kuya yehey!”. The Dad was shocked he doesn’t know what to say, He has torn between thinking of the struggle ahead since it’s pandemic and at the same time glad because it’s our answered prayer for three long-awaited years for God to bless us a second baby. The Lola and Lolo were so thrilled because they are also praying for us to have a second baby. My mom is so supportive and has changed from Masungit to mabait aura to me when she learned that I am pregnant. The perks of pregnancy (hahaha!) my parents are more understanding and considerate to me.

So I rested the whole day since I felt sick and feeling the pregnancy signs and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, cold sweat, and feeling exhausted even if the things you do are not really tiring. While resting I was thinking of the plans ahead for my family and other important stuff to do during and after pregnancy.

The next day, In the morning, Called the nearest hospitals to look for any available Obstetrician and luckily there are two available doctors to accommodate me in this time of the pandemic. I picked the earliest, nearest, and a convenient time for me to go for a doctor’s check-up.

Day of the check-up. I prepared myself the night before. When you are pregnant and in this time of pandemic the most important to keep in mind is to boost your immune system, how to boost your immune system by sleeping as much as possible eight hours, and take one tablet of Vitamin C 500mg before sleeping. Wake up early to prepare breakfast for my family then I take again one tablet of Vitamin C 500mg in the morning before going outside. Prepared myself for doctor checkup, the new normal habits of wearing clothes when you go out are the following: Tie up your hair, wear protective glasses so you won’t touch your eyes, face-mask so you won’t touch your nose and mouth, and prevention of droplets from entering, non-tight long sleeves or jacket, leggings and crocs or shoes. My reason for wearing these kind of clothes is when you get back home, jackets or long sleeves and leggings you can easily remove it and put in the laundry right away and always wear the same pair of shoes you used to go outside so you know that same shoes is already contaminated (always wash that same shoes with zonrox mix with water when you have time, if no time placed it some where safe where others would not use it). Always bring in your bag an alcohol spray when outside, use it before and after entering a door.

At the doctor’s clinic. My OB interviewed me about my medical history, activities for the past few months, and the usual doctor’s interview. Always give the right info and never lie to your doctors so they can give you the right treatment to your health needs and preferences.
So my OB gave me medications for pregnancy and told me I need to have complete bed rest for a week due to my sensitive pregnancy since I got a little hemorrhage inside but it’s not critical. After the check-up, I went straight to the drugstore nearest me and buy the medications for a month supply then went back home to rest.

At home. Before entering the house, I leave my bag and things in our dirty kitchen table then washed my hands properly first with soap and water for twenty seconds. Then after washing hands went straight inside the house to take a bath, leaving all my dirty clothes in the laundry for washing.

All of the above activities before and after leaving our home is the new normal for us. It’s very tedious but worth it once you have done all prevention and safety before interacting with other family members, I am not worried and feel guilty walking around the house touching things and preparing foods for my family since we did the proper way to control the transmission of the virus.

So what’s your experience going out and having errands during this pandemic? are you pregnant too? or an errand girl or boy in this time of pandemic? Share your experiences and ideas with me, here in the comment section or on my facebook page. (located at the right side of this blog page .)

Hope mga ka-mommies Naka Kuha kayo idea sa experience ko on this pregnancy article, especially sa mga preggy mommies like me. Giving all the moms my tightest and warmest hugs!!! Always keep safe and stay at home as much as possible mga ka-Mommies!!!

“Prayers is the best weapon we have to protect and guide our family in this Mommy journey”

Aja!!! Laban lang mga ka-Mommies!!!

From Mommy Dyan with love 💛💛💛

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